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Charles Davis and Gregory Miles integrated their legal practices and formed Davis Miles of PLLC. With more than 50 years of legal experience, the new company quickly gained a reputation as a legally good company. This reputation has captured the eyes of the large company Pre-Payd Legal Services, Inc., and Davis Miles became a Pre-Payd Legal Services provider in Arizona in March 2004. In 2011, the name was changed to LegalShield, and Davis Miles is proud as the provider law firm for NM and AZ's LegalShield. Davis Miles joined the army with Maguire Gardner in 2011. The company name was changed to Davis Miles McGuire Gardner in PLLC in 2012. The company has achieved Martindale Hubbell's highest level of assessment and its highest level of legal capacity to respect behavioral standards, Chrysler said. The ongoing commitment to client services characterizes the tremendous growth that companies have experienced. Davis Miles Magwar Gardner has over 60 lawyers and over 70 practice areas.

Established in 2002


Davis Miles Maguire Gardner is not at another law firm. Dell is a dedicated team of attorneys to help you. Understand the law, understand the problem, and, more importantly, take time to understand the customer. Dell lawyers have the knowledge and skills to solve your legal needs in a timely and timely manner. Customers who face starting a business, car accidents, support for bankruptcy, family problems, will or real estate plans, or litigation are here to protect you.

McGuire is a lawyer in AV Arizona, which provides bankruptcy and debtor/creditor services to people and businesses throughout Arizona for over 22 years. McGuire has been certified by the Arizona State Legal Specialist Committee since 1999 and has become a bankruptcy specialist.   He graduated from Brigham Young University and joined the company in 2011

Pernell M.





I contacted Davis Miles McGuire Gardner through Legal Shield, but the issue with claims for medical insurance is a very stressful problem that is spent on all issues. This company came to the rescue, guided me with my options, explained my risks, and discussed future game plans. These lawyers have a lot of experience with the problems they have. If written in law, I'm reassuring to know that there's someone else. They are just phone calls. I am very grateful for their expertise and guidance. Thanks! !!

01/01/2021 09:55am



Douglas Gardner is my hero!  After the former lawyer had given much of his exposure to our child's custody case, he helped us as much as possible.  He worked hard to quickly investigate a large amount of information so that we could correctly express our partner's ex-wife's ruthless lawyer.  We are pleased with this result and believe that Mr. Gardner will work hard for us until it is completely resolved.  Unfortunately, we didn't sue him as a lawyer. If I had not trusted a discount lawyer with the most important assets of the children, our results would have been very good.

12/25/2020 12:01am



Davis Miles Magwar and Gardner are law firms in Tempe, Asia.  It covers most of the law.  
I'm not very good at giving accurate legal advice.
one lawyer claimed that he did not know how certain laws worked in Arizona.  They are always quick to introduce customers to other outside lawyers.

Mainly working in family law.  
It is also the law firm that the Legal Shield will use in Arizona.
I will not recommend Davis Miles McGaia and Gardner to the famous law firm in Arizona.  We have offices in New Mexico.
Their rates are far above the hourly rate of lawyers.
There are several more knowledgeable and reputable law firms than Davis Miles Maguire and Gardner.
If necessary, the response is also bad. >Buyer attention!  

Do not use DAVIS MILES MCGUIRE and GARDNER for legal issues.

12/28/2020 11:52am



Davis Miles Magwar is an exceptional law firm. Use the service through a partnership with Legalshield. Ivette is a man of knowledge and ability. They are several good lawyers. In addition, I have worked with Ivette several times on other issues. She is the real estate of the law firm. Thanks for Davis Miles McGuire going to the community and their customers.

12/29/2020 06:40am



Pernell Magwar said the company would end up nearly $25,000 in bankruptcy, ultimately surrendering more than $80,000. We had to date his brother with a new lawyer, James Maguire, instead of Parnell. He promised in writing only to fail in delivery. Now, Parnell is charging us for a fee. I talk to another lawyer. They say that they will never work with Parnell again. This poor man, short of work, is sorry to chase his old client.

12/31/2020 03:31pm



They assume. They have a relationship with Legalshield and helped me with some problems. The best law firm in Arizona.

12/30/2020 03:24pm



With the legal shield I found the lawyer I worked on at Davis Miles McGaia Gardner, and I was able to be efficient, knowledgeable and useful.  I decided to become an associate of LegalShilled because my membership was paid by myself, received a representative, prepared the Will and POA documentation.

01/01/2021 04:31pm



worthless law firm  It has a legal shield, but it is not worth it.  Every time I ask my lawyer to talk to me, their answers are very short and (for them) the easiest.  All the advice I received was of no use to me.  This may have been because I was requesting this information on prepaid legal services, and they didn't care.  Either way, my personal opinion is to find other law firms and try to do the best for you, not the most efficient time for them.

12/31/2020 12:46am



The best law firm in Arizona.  The great building is packed with the best lawyers and takes time to answer the questions.

01/02/2021 11:08am



Davis Mile has been accessing Davis Mile for many years as a member of Pre Paid Legal, but they found their services to be effective. The other day, I had the opportunity to use a company outside of a company that I had paid in advance, and I didn't know about the scope of services this company could offer.

Specifically, I need a new company sales document and I am an organization. I worked in the same company as John Skablund, and Charlie Davis was a partner.  Due to the changes we made, the sales contracts must be completely fixed, and John and Charlie were able to work very easily, not quickly and affordable. Both John and Charlie demonstrated their ability without taking the arrogance they had experienced in other big companies.

I am in touch with them now.  The issue of 831b (Exclusive Insurance) must be clarified. I ask someone for legal support to contact John and I advise him to know who he should talk to if he is not a lawyer for that question.

12/26/2020 08:29pm