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Arizona DUI & The Law Office of Criminal Lawyers, a professional corporation involved in the practice of law, Trent Buckallew Founder Lawyer, DUI & A crime in the valley with nearly 20 years' experience in the fight against

Established in 2005


Trent Buccallew Lawyer, founder of the Trent R law firm. Buccallew, P.C. is Criminal & It is certified as. DUI Law Specialist (Arizona State Legislative Committee) Buccaleau has a lot of experience in criminal and DUI cases across East Valley, Phoenix and the whole state. If you suspect a criminal offense in the Mesa area, please consult with this lawyer for free. Mr. Buccaleau has a reputation for being a dedicated advocate of each customer and a successful solution to countless incidents in his career. We look forward to discussing the legal options of individual lawyers. Call me right now.

Highest rated DUI ampere; ampere; The Office of Criminal Attorney Law - Buckallew is a qualified officer of the Criminal Law and has been working for nearly 20 years; #39; I have experienced lawsuits for all kinds of criminal cases, including violence, DUI, and DUI, and even serious and complex cases of serious and complicated crimes, such as aggravated assault and murder (in many cases). Mr. Buccaleau has had significant experience in the East Valley, the Phoenix, state-wide criminal cases, and the DUI cases, and has handled cases in almost all courts in the valley. If you are charged with DUI, drug crimes, juvenile crimes, and other crimes in the Phoenix Metro area, please consult with your detective lawyer, Trent Bacaleu today for free. Mr. Buccaleau has a reputation for enthusiastically defending each customer, who has a record of handling each case personally from beginning to end and solving countless cases in his career.

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As advertised on the website, we received free consultation. I gave a timely answer, but when I tried to schedule my consultation, I was told that an hour's consultation would cost me $350. I challenged them to say that their website consultation is free, and that the $350 per hour is high as long as the lawyer's consultation fee is high. Having seen a lawyer, it costs only $200 to consult with him. They didn't answer. "Free Consultation" website may be misleading and is not recommended based on my limited dialog. Are you sure you want them to act for you because they are dishonest?

12/28/2020 11:11pm



A friend of mine called Trent and looked for a legal problem. As expected, I didn't want to go to court. Trent and his staff made other stressful situations as comfortable as possible. Trent worked hard to protect me and my family, always repeating my case. Even after my case was over and Trent was compensated, he and his staff helped me with other unrelated legal affairs and charged me only when I needed it.  I will never forget the service he and his team went to for me. I recommend him and his team to the people who need it.

12/30/2020 08:27am