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In 2010, Lopez established his own practice, believing he would use legal education and experience to help others. Since his shop opened, López has been awarded numerous awards including 10 DUI lawyers, 40 top 40 attorneys, Perfect 5 Star Google Review by, and 10/10 Supber Rating for his work and dedication to customers. There is a reason why there are many people who hire Lopez to act as agents for car accidents and criminal cases. He is very good at what he is doing.

Established in 2010


Don't leave the future to chance. Call me right now. Criminal charges immediately confuse your life. When freedom is at risk, the help you find can make a big difference. We provide an aggressive approach to crime defense and on behalf of our customers, we are considering all available legal options. The prosecutor in Arizona might be tough. Our lawyer is ready to fight for you. If you are facing serious criminal responsibility, we will help you protect your rights.

Matthew López is highly respected in the legal community of Arizona.   He is known as a good lawyer who actively represents customers who have been facing crimes or who have been injured in car accidents. As a lawyer at the

DUI, Lopez has a deep knowledge of Arizona laws as he has been successful in court for many years. Your rights are respected and protected at every stage, from beginning to end. His passion and enthusiasm for success guarantees that he will have a certain legal defense when he stands in court.

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I can't express my appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Lopez in words. Hand me the best lawyer in Arizona! His enthusiasm and dedication helped me in a very stressful situation. If you are looking for someone to effectively carry out Lopez's case, we strongly recommend that anyone work with Lopez.

01/03/2021 04:10am



No more...Matt Lopez's law firm is excellent!  Matt has professional knowledge, is easy to use and is always available.  Everything is a great service!

12/26/2020 03:33am



Matthew López is an excellent lawyer who always fights for his customers and is good at following my case. He showed me that, as promised, he had come to do as promised. I highly recommend his lawyer company. The lawyer will be very pleased.

01/01/2021 03:43pm



I decided to go with this company, but I could not be happy, so I thoroughly investigated and was arrested and accused of having an open container in the car. Even after I first called, I felt like I was taking care of the same family, but they actually got the results and they really trust me. I lived abroad, they treated me whatever they wanted, and I honestly didn't worry. They sent me emails and phone calls to constantly update me without having to start over. I've cleared my charge and I can't be happier any more! They're amazing! Thank you for working hard on Tyler and Matt and for working on my case for hours!

12/29/2020 02:00pm



Matthew represented me on two different occasions. Both are criminal charges. Before I chose Matthew, I consulted at least ten lawyers in this valley. After talking to Matthew, he was a slippery choice. These critique was not a lie, but I could not agree any more when I read the good experiences other people had experienced with him. He and his team were amazing. Since he is busy, he always speaks to me when I have questions or concerns. It is definitely recommended to anyone in the Phoenix area.

12/25/2020 01:04am



My experience with Matthew Lopez's method is very difficult!  I have never felt that my case was important or that I was happy.  I am now in trouble with 3,000 dollars of medical expenses. I contacted this law office in September. I was very optimistic because they told me that my case was very dry.   I was pushed away because they shouldn't have received money from me. For nearly three months, there was no word, no mail, no mail, no mail, no communication, passed away. Matt called me and I'm told that I'm short of the cost of treatment now. I have no reason to be unable to deal with simple cases like mine, why anyone wants to be a lawyer.   I'm really disappointed.  I'll spread it to the world! !

12/29/2020 07:06am



If I could get more than five stars in this office, I would be able to. It's clear that Matt liked work. The entire office is gentle, smart and professional. If you need a lawyer, the mat is the best!

12/29/2020 02:33am



Since I had never hired an accident lawyer, I was very skeptical, but Matt was very helpful and kind on the first telephone. He finished the whole process without pain. It is especially recommended for those who have never hired a lawyer. I'll definitely hire you again!

12/30/2020 01:33am



Matt and his team are wonderful, perfect, and keep their promise.  

The answer to questions and emails took less than four hours.

01/03/2021 01:50am



Matt Lopez was kind to me, but he was a small car accident and personal injury, and he guaranteed repairs and secured a prompt and adequate handling. He and his co-workers, especially because of my work, were kind and understood when using phone tags. He and his team are very grateful to you for their wonderful work!

12/31/2020 06:24pm