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Michael Munos, who focuses on P.C. Munoz Law Office crimes and the defense of the DUI, is a major prosecutor of the former crime.

Established in 2010


Former Prosecutor & amp; Affordable and Experienced Trial Lawyer Was he charged with a crime or DUI? It's time to find someone to help. We need an experienced lawyer who fights for the rights and gives honest answers. Former Attorney Michael Munoz has dealt with thousands of criminal cases. It is not a joke to be convicted for a crime. In addition, they may go to jail or prison. Don't wait, but force the situation with time. Evaluate your case and help you get through this stressful time. Were you victims of someone's negligence or careless behavior? If the answer is yes, you may suffer financial damage. At the Munoz law office, we work hard to make the most of your personal injury cases and to get the most money for your customers. Unlike other lawyers, Michael can answer questions by phone or email and calm down. Let's get a free consultation at Munoz's law office and fight to protect our rights.


Former chief criminal prosecutor (vehicle crime club)

- Former official candidate

- Attorney General of the Arizona Attorney General; #39;s office

- Trial on juzai and petty jurors


- Faculty of Law in San Diego, California, J.D.

Arizona State University B.A. Politics

- Granted permission to enforce the law in Arizona

Michael M.
business owner






Mike can do his job effectively. Everything was done in a professional way. There were two separate criminal cases, and they gave me a discount. I am writing this review because the first DV case is completely discarded. The time and energy savings I work with Michael are very helpful.

Mike's assistant, Anna, is also very helpful. She handles many documents and keeps things in order. If you have a criminal case, you had better go to Michael early. Legal advice from experts is important.

2 Update after the first incident.

12/29/2020 01:36pm



It's very helpful! Anna sent a message through Elip at 7 o'clock and immediately returned to me! Anna got the best information, called right away, asked a lot of good questions, so we investigated our cases and as soon as we got the information, we called back! Wow~!!no, great service and care! ! If you are in a serious situation, it is recommended to call directly! !

12/31/2020 03:07am



I'm going to continue the review as easily as possible.

The most disturbing thing about hiring a lawyer is to hire a false lawyer by consultation.  There is always the fear that lawyers will make stupid promises to hire. It is to inform the facts of the case after purchasing their services.  

But Michael answered very honestly what he expected and how the process would be done.  It happened as he said, and my case was settled before the trial began.

Anna, his collateral line, always replied comfortably to the phone:  I took the plunge and realized that she was carrying a heavy workload, but it was always fun to deal with her.  

However, you should always consult multiple lawyers.  I'll have Michael call me for advice.  I certainly didn't regret it.

12/28/2020 05:03am



Thanks to Yelp! I've found a great DUI lawyer, Michael Munoz!  A family was tagged as Extreme DUI. After looking for DUI experts on the web, look for Yelp! I decided to contact Michael using the app.  Besides the calamity of the arrest, Michael (and Anna) gave him the pleasure of dealing with this problem.  After all, the defendant was bad, but Michael worked his best to negotiate and reduced to a reckless driving fee!  She would have been fined, probation, insurance surcharge, suspension of license (i.e., losing job). If you get a DUI, this lawyer will be your employee! Call Michael Munoz, who will risk the future with a public defender!

12/31/2020 09:18am



Throughout the entire DUI process, Mr. Munoz and his assistant Anna became very friendly to me and adhered to their clients and their legal negotiations in my court! The company strongly recommends that any type of criminal defense be "your responsibility"  Good luck for you!

01/01/2021 07:40pm



Don't look anymore.

Michael is a good lawyer who cares about his client. He is not only trying to take half your money and your case. Michael now helped me in my second case, and whenever I had any questions or concerns, he came to my cell-phone. In times of crisis or anxiety, nothing is worse than answering the phone call. I went to the time to talk about my family. That kind of service cannot be priced. He is a very knowledgeable and reliable person.

Don't waste your money (or your freedom) on a gold scam attorney who has no personal pride in your case.

01/02/2021 07:57pm



It's been a few years since I got along with Mike, but recently I needed to be a professional. His colleague's daughter used Oxycon Chin, was asked to drink and Oxycon without a prescription, and was thinking of leaving the country, so Mike didn't boast at all about her dislike. Mike, who is confronting music, has helped him avoid being imprisoned for more than a year. This is almost the same as the prosecutor's agreement.

No one will fool you or take the DUI defense lightly.

12/26/2020 12:29pm



Recently, I had to use Mike's professional services, and I was impressed from start to finish. He was very knowledgeable and could separate each step of the process, so I fully understood what I expected.  

He advised me to take the best measures more than once. But for his opinion, my results would have been very different.  This advice comes from experience and provides information on system/process behavior.  He speaks to you as if you were a real person, so I am fully grateful through that process.

I recommend him to anyone.

12/31/2020 01:24pm



If you're looking for a court expert, don't look anymore. Mike is a really great lawyer. He is a man with respect, welcomes all, very professional, and you want to represent.

He fights with his teeth and nails to represent you fairly, as well as to maximize his extensive knowledge of law.  His staff was equally well aware of their own rights, and they always looked forward to their work.

Mike is a busy person, but he always responds quickly and provides updates regularly. He has also received my call on the weekend.

If you are reading this review, you are already in the right direction. Stop looking, and hire a law firm from Munoz, and let's put off this painful part of life.

12/26/2020 05:35pm



Michael was a great help to his son's situation. He took time to explain everything we should know. He was very professional and the results were better than expected. Take a break, please! !

12/28/2020 02:29pm