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Criminal Office: In 1988, the Weingert Law Office was established. DUB first focused on DUI. At that time, Arizona's DUI law began to be strict and it became clear that many people needed representation. As time went by, the DUI law in Arizona developed into today's situation. Arizona has the strictest DUI law in the country. Mandatory long-term imprisonment and loss of a license were actually changed to life imprisonment. Therefore, it nurtured and created other companies of DUI, but Weingart Law Comparn is the original company of DUI. For more than 24 years, the company has studied thousands of DUI cases on behalf of over 25,000 customers. Mark Weingert himself conducted about 500 DUI jury trials. In addition, Weingert attended as a seminar instructor in both rural and national areas on DUI defense technology. Weingert is often consulted by the media as an expert on the DUI and other car crime laws.

Established in 1988

Mark N. Weingert has been practicing the law for 35 years. He was a former assistant state prosecutor in Ohio and was indicted for over 100 years. In 1979, at an early stage of his career, he came to Arizona, where he was appointed a court judge in Tempe City, where he presided over DU.I. At the time of the case, Mr. Wingate was appointed the youngest city judge in Arizona. From 1979 to 1986, he worked full-time on the job. He served as Arizona Attorney General for six years.

Weingart is the founding member of the DUI National Defense University, the Arizona State Legal Affairs Bureau, and the Arizona State Criminal Attorney, and has been certified as an Arizona State Attorney. an association as a specialist in criminal law Weingert received the highest rating from Martindale Hubbard, a rating service for a U.S. lawyer. He is rated A-V because of his excellence in ability and ethics.

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Since I had never been involved in trouble before, I was afraid of what to do and I didn't know. I contacted Wingate and they were very learned and helpful. I read other reviews that they won't contact you. I can't help but call every day and say that it's not their responsibility to update you. I always called them and they were always happy to help me and update me. In my case, after all, I could not get a good result except dismissal, but it was impossible. I strongly recommend the Weingart law firm. Good job!

12/30/2020 06:09am



There's probably the biggest villain there. I was surprised that this man should do business. He will speak a good game, but he will disappear when the case timing is decided. He would say he gave a warning (but he didn't) over $400 to $5,000. Otherwise, you will hand your suit over to a junior lawyer who is not ready. Avoid the unfortunate excuse of the lawyer. If you look for him on line, you can see that there are a lot of people who have trusted him and paid for him. I really care about you and your wallet. There are many better lawyers. He is not one of them.

01/01/2021 02:40pm



In the last review, I forgot that the company gave a big coupon to #1 Gignition Interlock Company in the province and was used to fuel my money and frustration.  They are very cool to do it and pay attention to every aspect of my case.

12/28/2020 08:45pm